The property management team at Intrepid.

The team members at Intrepid Property Management Group are among the most experienced in the industry. With a firm understanding of affordable housing compliance, tax credit development, rental property inspection, Section 8 rural development and more, we have a broad understanding of the challenges that owner’s face and, more importantly, the actions necessary to surmount those challenges. As each member of our team contributes a unique – and crucial – well of experience to our company, we encourage our visitors to read more about them below.


Hard-working and professional, Tonya is a proven leader with the ability to relate to the needs of her  clients. As a property owner, she has a first-hand understanding of the business. And, with over 35 years of combined experience in accounting and property management, she possesses a clear view of the needs of individual owners. Having assisted a number of properties in navigating the housing tax credit process, Tonya leverages the power of her experience – and the tenacity of her dedication – to direct the Intrepid team in their mission to provide the highest quality homes and apartment communities.

Tonya graduated from Davenport University with her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. As a Certified Property Manager through the Institute of Real Estate Management, as well as an LIHTC Compliance Specialist, Certified Assisted Housing Manager, STAR Rural Development Certified and a Real Estate Broker in Michigan and Indiana, her qualifications strengthen the efficacy of her experience, allowing her to address a range of needs in the real estate industry. She is an administrator for Veterans Housing of Southwest Michigan and serves on the Finance Committee for Kalamazoo County Housing Commission. Additionally, she is the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Property Management Association of West Michigan, a member on the Board of Directors for the Property Management Association of Michigan as well as the West Michigan division of the Institute of Real Estate Management.

An indispensable figure, Tonya leads the efforts and defines the  direction of Intrepid. With her experience as a property owner, she has a global understanding of both the physical and fiscal requirements of an asset. This allows her to relate to and address the needs and concerns of the client.

In her spare time, Tonya is very active in her church and enjoys reading, playing golf, and spending time outdoors and with her family.


Veterans & Family Housing of Southwest Michigan

As the founder of Veterans & Family Housing of Southwest Michigan, Tonya is guiding the board of directors as they begin to seek out opportunities to develop affordable housing and provide assistance for veterans. Working closely with other organizations, she is working to  facilitate partnerships that provide a holistic, all-encompassing solution that addresses the needs of our country’s veterans.

Greenbriar Apartments

As a  co-owner of Greenbriar Apartments in Holland, Michigan Tonya and her partners utilized the Low Income Housing Tax Credit process to do an acquisition rehab on the property back in 2010.  The rehab process was successfully orchestrated without the need to displace tenants. This property has a long standing record of success for providing its tenants with a clean, comfortable place to call home.

Red Flannel Acres

Much like Greenbriar Apartments, Red Flannel Acres, in Cedar Springs, Michigan, was an acquisition rehab. As a co-owner, Tonya and her partners utilized the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program to facilitate this process on the property back in 2010. These projects have yielded a wealth of knowledge and experience that has served as a platform to assist other developments going through this process.

Intrepid Professional Group

As the owner of Intrepid Professional Group, Tonya defines the company’s vision and provides leadership to the Intrepid team by encouraging team members to not only meet the company’s goals but to also attain their personal goals. With her strong background in accounting and finance along with her years of experience in the real estate industry, she brings a strong combination of skills to the table that allow her to competently provide vision, lead the operations, dutifully guide the Intrepid team and personally invest herself in the company’s projects.

Tonya Phillips
Chief Executive Officer / President


An accomplished professional, Holly has over 25 years of progressive experience in managing affordable and market-rate residential housing. Driven by a passion for efficiency and governed by a strong sense of integrity, her dedication has helped her maintain a loyal clientele. With a successful management track record for all of the portfolios that she has overseen, Holly delivers on the promise of her values and exceeds client expectations by striving to make a positive difference in the communities and areas that Intrepid serves. This commitment has guided her entire career, from her work with Premier Property Management, where she assisted in the revitalization of downtown Detroit to her current efforts in Kalamazoo and northern Indiana, where she is helping to bring affordable housing to low-income neighborhoods.

Holly graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors of Interior Architecture, specializing in historic restoration. Having attained Assisted Housing Management accreditation, as well as certification in STAR Rural Development and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance, her passion for property management is bolstered by an impressive resume of qualifications. As an administrator for Veterans Housing of Southwest Michigan, she is guiding the board of directors as they seek opportunities to develop affordable housing and provide assistance for veterans.

A major contributor to Holly’s professional success is her ability to assemble – and lead – effective teams. With an eye for detail and a desire to implement efficient processes, she encourages team members to think outside the box, solve problems intuitively and work toward a common goal.

Residing in Portage, Michigan, Holly is involved in hockey, lacrosse and travel baseball programs, as well as gymnastics and competitive dance teams. She is active in her local church, which offers her an opportunity to bridge her personal and professional lives through participation in their healthy homes initiative.


Intrepid Professional Group

As the vice president of Intrepid Professional Group, Holly oversees all properties, keeps team members motivated and coordinates the business’ day-to-day operations. As a result of her management, she has brought services, such as food pantries, to oft-neglected areas and helped to create communities in which people want to live, work and play.

Housing Compliance Midwest, LLC

As the owner of Housing Compliance Midwest, LLC, Holly assisted properties in attaining compliance for tax credits by ensuring that the current residents were qualified. Working closely with housing commissions, she was able to remove clients from the blacklist and restore access to critical tax benefits.

Premier Property Management

As a director of compliance at Premier Property Management, Holly was on the ground floor of projects involving the revitalization of downtown Detroit. Working with the Housing Commission, she successfully married programs that allowed for the construction of affordable housing in the area and helped to restore access to housing to the community’s low-income residents.

Holly Sweis
Vice President


Fiercely loyal and multitalented, Jessica is a detail-oriented professional who has been a part of the Intrepid team for over eleven years. With a firm understanding of all things site-related, she is capable of juggling the needs of multiple properties and owners, including tasks related to tenant relations, maintenance, compliance issues and staff training. Throughout her time at Intrepid, Jessica has committed herself to excelling and has achieved a 98A score on the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Physical Inspection. In addition to this, her ability to keep thorough, accurate records has allowed her to maintain consistent 100% file audits for the last ten years.

Jessica received her Real Estate Salesperson License in 2013 and is a certified Tax Credit Specialist by the NCHM, a Certified Professional of Occupancy by the NAHMA and a Certified Assisted Housing Manager. Utilizing the skills that she has gained, she is able to leverage her knowledge of property management to the benefit of Intrepid’s clients. Whether she is directing the application of repairs or managing the logistics of staff training, her ability to address the fine details – while maintaining a clear view of the larger picture – makes her a valuable addition to the team at Intrepid Property Management Group.

With her diverse range of experience and a proven ability to rise to the challenges that she faces, Jessica is an indispensable asset to all of the properties, owners and tenants that she works with. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and two dogs and loves spending time outdoors, especially camping.


Intrepid Property Management Group

As the regional director of Intrepid Property Management Group, Jessica handles a wide range of site-related duties. Focusing on upholding Intrepid’s high standards of quality, she manages compliance question, staff education, tenant relations and more.

Jessica Hunter
Regional Director