Property management and leasing services

With the goal of helping you acquire new – and retain current – tenants, Intrepid Property Management Group’s management and leasing services are a cost-efficient, effective way to promote, grow and enhance your property. Assisting you in the negotiation and preparation of new leases, as well as managing ongoing marketing efforts, our services provide you with a hands-free way to publicize your property’s appeal and, more importantly, secure new tenants.

Our management and leasing services include:

  • Interview site staff and oversee their progress
  • Analyze existing competitors and rental market structures
  • Expert contract negotiations
  • Perform all showings
  • Negotiate and prepare leases for tenant execution
  • Supervise tenant move-in
  • Ensure ongoing lease compliance
  • Collection of rents
  • Complete turnovers
  • Implement marketing strategies to help occupancy and market rate goals