Team Code of Honor

Our values extended into real, physical behavior.  These are the rules that set the standards of conduct and performance.  Our Code of Honor creates accountability and a feeling of support and is a powerful statement of who we are and what our team stands for.

  1. Communicate often
  2. Be effective and efficient
  3. Always act in the other person’s best interest
  4. Honor your commitments
  5. Do what makes sense for the betterment of the team
  6. Strengthen your team and teach others how to succeed
  7. Be willing to call and be called when the code is breached
  8. Be conscious of other people’s time
  9. Assume the best and have each other’s back
  10. Do what it takes to get the job done and celebrate “wins”
  11. Be loyal, respectful, and fair to your team
  12. Accept guidance from the team members